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Thrumster village, in a small agricultural area 5 miles south of Wick, with it's own primary school it is a vibrant small community which also  has a wealth of archeological sites within the famous Yarrows landscape with the Yarrows Trail has a profusion of monuments; brochs, burial cairns, stone settings and many more, testifying to an unbroken record of occupation from Mesolithic times to the present day.

On the coastal area is Sarclet, one of the first planned fishing villages in Scotland designed by Captain Brodie, around the haven of Sarclet, one of the "geos" (inlets) along our coast, where the herring was brought up and taken to Wick, latterly using the light railway which ran from Lybster to Wick. This small railway station has now been renovated with a small garden, community woodland and wildflower meadow set up by the Yarrows Heritage Trust.

Thrumster Church

Thrumster Hall  


Thrumster WRI  meg cathell

Thrumster Primary School

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